Governor Haley’s Inaugural Ball


Earlier this year, we had the great pleasure of working with a fantastic group of planners and designers in Columbia, SC for Nikki Haley’s 2nd Inauguration as SC Governor.  We always love working with Cricket Newman Designs.  They are so wonderful at coming up with the overall scope of the design and turning the reigns of a few large aspects over allowing us to dream big.  Our assignment on this particular event:  Drape the ceiling of a HUGE Convention Center.  We created a soft texture of woven fabric in shades of blue both covering the entire ceiling and also creating a 30′ tall screen behind the lounge opposite the stage.  We were eager to try something new and it certainly paid off.


Verizon’s 2014 Winner’s Circle Awards Celebration

It was so much fun working with Verizon on their 2014 Winner’s Circle Awards Celebration! We gave the event a fresh and unique look using gray and white chevron linens on the tables, popped with red florals in modern black glass cylinders. The stage set included a floor-to-ceiling red satin drape with Verizon’s logo projection. Additional moving Gobos circled around the room to create visual excitement. Plexiglass glow bars with custom logos lit up the corners of the room. Dramatic, fun, and elegant!

photo 2 photo 5 photo 3 photo 6 photo 8 photo 4 photo 7

The Best and Brightest of our New Inventory!


We are happy to introduce the newest (and possibly the heaviest) addition to our vast inventory: the crystal mandap! With it’s large columns, elegant design, and enough crystals to be seen from space, it’s definitely a focal point at any wedding or event! This mandap is not meant for the timid or ‘faint of heart’, so please rent with caution!



Blue is in!


A popular trend this season is accenting venues with extravagant, deep blue lighting. Well-placed lighting can bring an eye-popping, cost-effective addition to any event! It is especially useful in venues with rafters or dynamic ceilings that can be highlighted or accentuated to bring your next event to the next level!



August 17: Annual Rummage Sale!!!

DIY brides, get ready: Loluma’s hosting their annual rummage sale—think a best-on-the-block garage sale, tailored for brides-to-be. This year’s sale runs Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will be a treasure trove of everything from wedding décor and furniture to fabric and pillows. For more information, e-mail Moriah at
1409 E. Folly Rd., James Island,



Girls (and guys) Just Wanna Have Fun!


This month, we have the opportunity of organizing a ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ 80s themed party! For this event, we get to utilized our amazing in-house custom graphics department to help bring the party to life! With the help of our graphic artist, critical input from the client, and our trusty vinyl machine, we created this colorful banner to accent the stage and coordinate with the party’s vibrant color scheme!



Retirement Celebration!

We were fortunate enough to have a hand in creating this clean and modern look for an extravagant retirement celebration! The celebration took place at an art museum in Charlotte, NC, which with the addition of our decor, lighting, and general event ‘know-how’ made the perfect location for any blow-out! In the picture featured above, we used uplighting of alternating, vibrant colors to bring the venue to the next level!



Rustic Wood Bar


We created this 3 sided walnut wood bar with matching walnut bar shelves for a VIP corporate reception. The bar is always the first place that a group congregates so this was a great opportunity for a focal point. The meeting planners were looking for a masculine, yet elegant feel for their reception at the N. Charleston Embassy Suites. Warm wood tones were the perfect choice for a cold winter night!



7 Calhoun Launch Party

We were so excited to be apart of the planning and design of 7 Calhouns launch party, showcasing their fabulous new property. One of the highlights of the event was our elegant water-wall with the clients logo design. We also projected a custom gobo on the tent ceiling with the clients logo to compliment the water-wall. The event was a smashing success!